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The name of the fund not only outlines the geographical beginning of the story – a home for the elderly in the village of Peremoga, Baryshiv district, Kyiv region, but also indicates its content.

“Nasha Peremoga” (Our victory in English) is a victory over conformism, indifference, obstacles and difficulties – not only for the foundation’s founders but also for those who support it.

Our life has been different since November 2013 after the first visit to the house, where 50 elderly people and people with special needs live temporarily, and more often permanently.

We really wanted to make these people’s lives better, happier, because many of them no longer hope to be interesting, useful, worthy of compassion and kindness. That’s why most people live to their age, slowly “fall asleep” and don’t expect anything more.

So, we started with the main thing – with attention and care for our new friends: we came, talked, came up with joint leisure, entertainment, brought small gifts.

Subsequently, our team decided to move in three directions:

1. We help elderly people from Peremoga to live with dignity in the golden age of their lives, and not to live out their old age. “#Recycled_rugs” has been implemented and working for a long time, the project – #Peremozhni_ruhanky has been launched.

2. We provide support to Peremoga on household issues. Here, in addition to good will, significant financial resources are needed. Thus, with the joint efforts of the benefactors of our foundation, we managed to accomplish:

  • Kitchen renovation.
  • Repair of the electrical network.
  • Repair of the roof of the main building.
  • Installation of a decentralized ventilation system.
  • Repair of the compartment for lying and other premises.
  • Purchase of stainless steel dishes for the kitchen.
  • Regular supply of hygienic care products.

3. We are working on restoring the connection between generations, because we consider this to be the key to the development of a wise, strong, loving society.

That is why we record memories of life, words of experience and advice for young people in #Життя-буття_story (#Life-being_story).

#Вірші_Надії (Nadia’s poems) – a message in verse to future generations from the talented poet Nadia Krasnozhon.

#Бабусині_зайці (Grandma’s hares) – women and men 60+, residents of homes for the elderly make toy bunnies. Social services, the police, and the fire department give toys to children who have suffered or witnessed a traumatic situation for emotional stabilization. The first steps under the project took place in Baryshivka at the end of 2020. In 2021, its geography is growing – “Grandma’s hares” have settled in the city of Ukrainka. From 2022, the project will be scaled to other communities, cities and regions of Ukraine. On June 22, 2022, a workshop was held in the city of Lutsk for female students of the University of the Third Age, and the first 15 hares were handed over to the juvenile prevention police of the Volyn region.

Participants can be elderly people who learned about the project through advertising, a social worker, through “word of mouth” and want / can make products.



Iryna Lutai

Founder, director of the fund
Coordinator of the #RecycledRugs project

Iryna Raspopina

Project coordinator

#Бабусині_зайці (#Grandma’s_hares) та #Переможні_руханки (#Peremozhni_ruhanky) 



Our friends



You can provide one-time assistance for the current needs of the fund or make monthly donations of any amount.

Press “Help” and, if desired, you can specify the name of the project you want to support in the comment.

Regular monthly payments are a guarantee of timely, appropriate assistance and effective planning of activities.


Bank details:

represented by director Iryna Volodymyrivna Lutai, acting on the basis of the Charter
Recipient code: 39488006
Recipient’s account (IBAN): UA573052990000026001005018215 at JSC CB “PRIVATBANK”


UA543253650000000260080038932 JSC KREDOBANK Lviv, Ukraine
UA723253650000000260050038933 JSC KREDOBANK Lviv, Ukraine

We provide charitable assistance to the home for lonely elderly people in Peremoga on a permanent basis, starting from 21.11.2014 in accordance with Agreement No. 21/11 and in the new edition in connection with the name change with Agreement No. 2 dated 13.05.2019.

CO “CF “Nasha Peremoga” implements its activities in accordance with the Law of Ukraine On Charitable Activities and Charitable Organizations. This, in particular, provides that in case of reorganization of the fund, all rights and obligations pass to its legal successor. The fund cannot be reorganized into a legal entity whose purpose is to make a profit. After liquidation of the fund, its assets are transferred to another non-profit organization of the appropriate type or are included in the budget income.

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