On June 18, we visited the Peremoga village. There were two tasks: to record a training video for the participants of the DOGODA charity workshop and to talk to Valentyna Mykhailivna, a new person in Peremoga.

For the team, this meant bringing something tasty and healthy. So they bought sweets, fruit, and, at the request of the administration, vegetables for fresh salads. There is also a request for blood glucose meters and medicines for Andriy Nezhyvok. The invoice has already been paid. We are waiting for the delivery.

The most difficult part of such trips is to find time for each of the residents. You have to meet with a lively, unique personality. The best format is, oddly enough, concerts or gatherings in the hall near the kitchen. We have time to share the joy of joint leisure, and during the pauses, we can talk. We are happy that the staff always welcomes us with a warm welcome, and treats us to something “home-made” from the road. Then they join us in all our “fun” and troubles.

If it is not possible to bring creative people or groups, like this time, we try our best to give everyone a sense of communication and visitation.

We want such communication to have a sustainable, prolonged character, so we invite you to volunteer in this area. If communication, support, hand-holding, and warm hugs are your thing, please fill out the application form.

We are grateful to the kind people who constantly support our foundation with donations, promoting information about us, good advice, photos, and videos!

Speaking of photos. As many times before, they were taken by Lyudmyla Yelisieieva. You can see them here

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