Revival of Peremoha 2022

This is a temporary program aimed at restoring the full functioning of a home for the elderly in the village of Peremoga, Brovary district, after a long-term siege of the facility by the military of the aggressor country. Almost from the beginning of the war until the middle of March, the siege of the village continued. Lack of light, which means heat and water for the institution, is a small list of difficulties experienced by our wards.

On March 13, because of the opening of the official humanitarian corridor, the residents of the institution were evacuated to other specialized institutions.

Therefore, the “Peremoha Revival 2022” program has two goals:

  1. Support for the residents of the institution from Peremoha, who are currently in three institutions in the Kyiv region. Components of such support: 
  • visits, communication, organization of leisure time
  • support for the temporary accommodation facilities in terms of food, provision of medicines, hygiene products, etc.


On June 29, we began the procedure of returning Peremoha residents from their places of temporary stay after evacuation. So, now we focus all our efforts on goal 2.

2. Repair, purchase of the necessary and other actions to restore the functioning of the facility in Peremoha and return its residents to their homes. Today we have the following Cost Estimate:

Repair and equipment

#NameSize/quantityPrice, UAH
1Repair of the floor168 м2168 711
2Repair of walls220 м2157 730
Total:326 440 


In addition, the exterior brick toilet and asphalt surface was destroyed. The possibility of recovery, cost and terms are being studied.

Hygiene product

#NameSize/quantityPrice, UAH
1Diapers45 packs/for 1 month33 600
Total:33 600

Remuneration of specialists

#NameSize/quantityPrice, UAH
1Compensation supplement for the staff30 people for 1 month60 000
2Psychologist for residents and staff1 person 2 months12 000
3Rehabilitation specialist1 person 2 months12 000
4Project manager1 person 2 months6 000
Total:90 000 

450 040 UAH is currently needed for the restart and the first step in the revival of Peremoha. The deadline is 2 months if the full amount is available and the situation is stable. The further program includes the renewal of the Recycled Rugs, Життя-буття story (#Life-being story), Provision of hygienic care products, Бабусині Зайці (Grandmother’s_Hares), Вірші Надії (Poems_of_Hope) projects.

UPD 2 Completed major repair works. We renew and maintain the institution’s economic stocks: diapers and other hygiene products, household chemicals, food products.

On March 4, a powerful generator was handed over. We are currently forming a stock of fuel for its operation.

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