Recycled Rugs – upcycling project of making carpets by people with disabilities using wooden frames of different sizes.

Valery Stelmakh is currently the permanent author of charming woven rag carpets in Peremoga.
He has been creating bright rugs with geometric and animalistic patterns for 5 years. They are bought for the country houses, decorating balconies, for the pets and as the gifts for the foreign friends. Valery Stelmakh rugs are found throughout Ukraine, in the USA, the Netherland, Canada and Great Britain.


In March 2015, the project was initiated by the “Laska” Charity Shop. Together with our foundation, a representative of “Laska” came to Peremoga and conducted training for everyone.

The goal of the project is threefold – it is to support conscious consumption and multiple use of things, social adaptation of the residents of the house and the opportunity for them to plow additional financial support.
But, taking into account the physical features (tremors, weak vision, movement disorders) and weak motivation for new things, only Valeriy is enthusiastic about the idea and begins his journey as a weaving master.

Funding is needed within the framework of transport costs for the trip, delivery of rags to Peremoga, ready-made rugs to the point of sale.


Necessary amount: 19 200 UAH (January-December 2022)
Validity period: 2015 – ongoing (indefinitely)

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