Visiting Peremoga October23

Visiting Peremoga October23

This November, we will celebrate 10 years of friendship with a home for the elderly and disabled people in Peremoga village. Our foundation was officially registered a year after the meeting, but it was this meeting that inspired the idea of systematic ongoing support.

As a team of like-minded people, we decided to realize our intention by supporting the #dignity_of_being and #joy_of_life of our friends.

In the first direction, we join in repair work, purchasing household chemicals, hygiene products, medicines, clothing, food, etc.

For the joy of life, we implement projects that would provide leisure, hobbies, social and emotional rehabilitation for our wards. This includes visits, gatherings, communication, recording life stories and publishing them on our website. The most active projects are Grandma’s Hares, weaving Recycled rugs, Poems of Hope, Victory Moves, and Life is a Story.

We can say that the visit on October 18 was full of many meanings and added to the dignity and joy of life of our elderly and “young” people from Peremoga.

In the morning, even before the main group of volunteers arrived, Olena Dmytriieva, a master sewer of toy bunnies, started a workshop as part of the Grandma’s Hares project. Two longtime residents of the facility, Maria Mykolayivna and Marfa Lavrentiivna, and one new resident, Valentyna, who was evacuated from Donetsk Oblast, were sewing. Others helped in any way they could, either by watching or talking. The new project craftswomen were worried about how the children knew that the toys they received are not from a store, but were made with kindness and care by wise and loving grandmothers. We told them that the Juvenile Police staff by telling children about grandmothers support calms children in stressful situations, gets to establish contact with them and provide assistance. So now we have another center for creating toy hares in Ukraine, which will send toys to serve in Juvenile Police and special evacuation units  in 18 regions of Ukraine. We are grateful to the administration of the institution and, in particular, to Olena Byshovets for their support!

Immediately after the master class, Iryna Savelyeva sang famous songs and those that Ira performs for close friends and family. All of us, together with the staff and residents of the institution, sat around holding our breath, fascinated by the voice and manner of the talented, beautiful performer. We cried, tried to sing along, and discovered talents among the audience with powerful voices and serious acting skills.

Together with Kostya Korzh, the Foundation’s rehabilitation therapist, we were happy with the level of physical rehabilitation of Andriy Nezhyvok, who is waiting for his turn to go to a specialized institution in Lutizh. We thank everyone who performs the “Victory Moves” and makes it possible to organize individual rehabilitation programs for those who need support.

We also received from Valeriy Stelmakh new eco-friendly rugs to be transferred for sale to the Laska Charity Shop in Kyiv. And they are really beautiful.

We handed over hygiene products, household chemicals, flashlights and power banks to the administration of the institution. We distributed goodies to all the residents, hugged, talked, and planned many activities, which we will soon tell you about in separate publications.

We are grateful to the tireless staff for their daily and for the warm welcome!

We are grateful to everyone who donates to the Foundation’s projects and helps us to provide support to single elderly people and people with disabilities!

We invite you to see photos of the visit and the master class.

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