#Peremozhni_Rukhanky  (victorious_exercises in English) is a project that our foundation has been implementing for a long time to make life more dignified and enjoyable for the residents of the home for the elderly and disabled in the village of Peremoga, Kyiv region.We worked to help the residents of the institution gain optimal independence in self-care, restore impaired motor functions, and prevent deterioration due to physical inactivity.

We realized that the project could be useful to a much wider range of people and decided to launch the victorious_exercises online on the Foundation’s resources for anyone who wants to stay in a healthy body and not spend a lot of time on it.  A 5-minute program of preventive movements for everyone from a certified physiotherapist Kostya Korzh can be mastered by anyone who follows  the recorded video.

In return, we ask everyone who uses this resource for health improvement and everyone else to donate to the foundation’s wards with disabilities who find it difficult or impossible to find funding for rehabilitation due to illness or injury.

How it works:

Exercise records appear weekly on the pages of the our Foundation. You support the project only if you feel happy, useful, and enjoyable with us.

In addition, if necessary, you can get advice on your health from our rehabilitation therapist for a donation [from 200 UAH].

With your donations, we provide rehabilitation for those who have physical disabilities and cannot afford to pay for rehabilitation programs with specialists on their own.

Your generous support will make it possible to provide free counseling and rehabilitation programs for single people with disabilities or after an injury.

💖 How can you help?

✔️Donation: Every small donation will support our charity project and help those who need it.

✔️Sharing information: To tell about our new concept and help attract more help.

✔️Work out and inspire: Continue to be active with us and inspire others to do the same.

Together we can change lives and bring joy to those in need. Join us in the #victorious_exercises project, enjoy your body and join the charity movement! 🏋️‍♂️💪

In the meantime, meet the first recipient of support from the fans of the victorious_exercises.

Andriy Nezhyvok is a young man with a disability, one of those who will sincerely rejoice in the happiness and health of all people and will also sincerely thank for the support in his persistent desire to get back on his feet after a stroke and walk again.


We have launched a collection to make this dream come true. Help Andriy to be healthy – do the exercises, donate one-time or subscribe to regular support.

The required amount for Andriy Nezhyvok’s rehabilitation program: 56 700 UAH.

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