Strategic fuel reserve

Strategic fuel reserve

In March, a powerful generator was delivered to a home for the elderly in Peremoga. We wrote about it in the news.

On April 6 of this year, coupons for diesel fuel were handed over so that the institution’s administration would have a strategic reserve for starting up the necessary equipment in the absence of a central power supply. The reserve is 1060 liters of fuel.

Thank you for the support, Kviten Association and Swiss Aid to Ukraine! It was these organizations that made the transfer of the generator possible in March.

We are pleasantly surprised by the attentive attitude of our donors, both to issues of timely and correct reporting on the grant, and to the human approach and understanding of the situation regarding the meanings and priorities of our wards, their real needs and challenges they face in their everyday life.

It is important that we were able to purchase fuel coupons that can be used in the gas station located in the village, very close to the place where the facility is located.

We are happy that the 50 residents of the home for the elderly, as well as the 30 employees of the facility, who take care of their health, hygiene and leisure, do not depend on long or short failures in the electrical network for any reason.

You can support the residents dignity of life and their joy of being by following this link

You can watch a short video on our YouTube channel.

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