Peremoga. Easter 2023

Peremoga. Easter 2023

After the outbreak of a full-scale war, the team of our foundation almost in its entirety visited our wards in the village of Peremoga in the Kyiv region.  We congratulated the elderly on Easter! We are glad to have such an opportunity

We saw and talked live with familiar residents of the home, met new ones, hugged the institution manager Lyubov Orel and people who take care of the residents of Peremoga.

We heard stories about the occupation of the village. Scary, touching, funny. Different.

Stories that should be recorded and preserved. Stories of courage and fear, confusion and mutual support, anger, grief, death and recovery. Stories of evacuation, of a destroyed church that survived the Second World War but is damaged now. About the bread from the oven in March and the most delicious bread brought back, which was enjoyed by all those who survived the occupation.

By the way, the memories of Peremoga residents who witnessed those terrible events have already been collected. A resident of the nursing home Nadezhda Krasnozhen, also took part in writing the materials. We hope to be able to support the publication of the book of memoirs. So, stay tuned for our announcements.

This trip was made possible thanks to the support of many people: our friends and benefactors.

Thank you!

For financial support, we thank Yekaterina Cherkashina, Evgenia Drach, Svetlana Shikulova and the team of LB Retail LLC, Daria Timokhina, Olga Baranova, and all the benefactors who sent one-time and subscribed to regular contributions.

We are grateful for the individual gifts: a tablet for Valeriy Stelmakh from Yulia Oleshchuk, a package of gifts and goodies for Natalka from Olena Manyaka.

Thank you for another pleasant cooperation and discounts on bedding for the elderly.

We thank Valery and Zhanna Brodsky, Tatyana Vakulenko, Ulyana Bondar and Alyona Dysyuk for the donated clothes, rags for rugs, diapers and pots.

We hug you and are glad that you are with us – Olga Kuchmeeva, Ekaterina Shelest, Lyudmila Eliseeva, Evgeny Savelyev, Irina Raspopina

Photos from the trip at the link

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